Monday, August 07, 2017

Self-Love: A Practice

Self-Love: A Practice. Cropped to fit to standard size.

"Self-Love: A Practice" is a painting that is visually intended to remind ourselves to live encouragingly, kindly and lovingly towards ourselves and towards others.

Was there a time in our lives when we live life to serve others until we totally forget to nurture our own inner needs?

This painting serves to remind us that as we practise being kind and loving towards ourselves, we deepen our personal power to live our lives to the fullest, thereby serving humanity in deeper ways.

This painting was painted after a 4-Day-3-Night of getaway in Nature at a Releasing Retreat.

Framing the top right of "Self-Love: A Practice" is the image of a brilliant sun, the star at the centre of the Solar System. It is a reminder that Life is always here for us. All that each of us need to be responsible for, is to be kind and loving towards ourselves. As we practice self-love, our love radiates from inside-out.

The rose in the painting represents the self. While it appears to be on its own, it is never alone. Independent in itself, it is nurtured by Nature that surrounds it. The framing of the painting may limit what we see of the true reality, yet in essence, Nature has always been providing abundantly for the rose.

In the meantime, please check out a series of quotes by Charlie Chaplin on Self-Love:

Do you know of someone who could benefit from the message behind this painting?

Post-card prints of this painting is available for sale in the following options:

1. First edition: Standard A6 size. 105 mm x 148 mm. 
The image has been cropped to fit. Ideal if standard size is preferred or if the post-card prints are intended to be sent in standard A6 size envelopes.

2. Second edition: Custom-size. 119 mm x 149 mm.
Ideal for collectors who prefer minimal cropping of the original image.

Self-Love: A Practice. Custom-size

3."Art on a Postcard" with a handwritten customised message and autograph by the artist herself.
Enjoy the premium service to arrange for a post-card print of the artwork "Self-Love: A Practice" to be sent directly to a loved one, a friend or a person you would like to connect with.

Your intended recipient could receive a handwritten customised message and autograph specially penned by the artist herself on a post-card print of "Self-Love: A Practice" (custom-size, 119 mm x 149 mm, by default). You will be notified via email when your customised "Art on a Postcard" has be sent via post.

Please enquire and request. Thank you.

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